3 Shoe Styles for Career Wear

Photos: Destiny’s Creation

Do you think that Ellen is the only woman who can pull off mixing athletic with business or you have to be a certain height to wear heels or flats? Well i’ve got news for you; you can pull off anything!

I’m debunking style myths that you have to be a certain type of woman, shape or size to wear certain shoes with your career looks. Sure, some styles are more flattering and serve specific purposes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them. I’m sharing 3 styles of shoe apparel I have on a rotational basis; some are more frequent than others, well, because. . . comfort.

The Flat

Flats are a no-brainer for anyone, but to be honest, pointy flats are more flattering and add a structure to the shoe. In my opinion, they are also more modern and luxury. Round toe flats just are. . . frumpy. Don’t believe me? Compare the flats in your closet.

Investing in a good pair of flats is good for 2 reasons: 1. You don’t have to keep buying them 2. Better for your ankles, knees and back. Orthopedic health matters around here…

When wearing flats, for a more polished look, avoid glitter and rhinestones.

I’m a little upset. . . these Gibson + Latimer flats i’m wearing were full price, but here you go – less than $30. Act fast!

The Heel

Let’s cut to the chase: heels are uncomfortable! Trying to be cute for seven solid years between teenage and early adult hood, I could care less about a heel, except on special occasions.

When shopping for a heel today, go for a block heel. They tend to be far more wearable for longer hours

3 C’s for Heels you should have in your closet :

  1. Color – Black, Blue and Flesh (close to your skin tone)
  2. Comfort – Height dependent on comfort, but purchase inserts! Comfort also comes in the shape – block or stiletto. A WEDGE is NOT heel!
  3. Cut – Just invest in points. . . round toe shoes are for. . . the trash

The Sneak

Wearing sneakers with suits and career wear is no longer limited to basketball players or Ellen Degeneres. They had it right. . . sneakers probable come in more variety than heels or flats and i’ve just become a stan of the look. My instagram will tell you that.

What i’m wearing: High Collared Blouse – Fab’rik Black Suit – Dillards

Sure, it’s a bit more relaxed, but adds the right amount of comfort and color without cheesy rhinestones.

Make sure you tag me on how you’re switching up you shoe game with your career wear @charissestyles #charissestyledme

One thought on “3 Shoe Styles for Career Wear

  1. Faith says:

    I love this! I’d love to see fashionable wear for women physical educators. I love being able to be relaxed and in tennis shoes every day but sometimes I feel I don’t look as feminine. I normally just put on a lippie to do the trick but I know you have better advice!


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