Skincare + Thrive Skin Studio Review

As an avid makeup lover and wearer, skin care is at the forefront of looking snatched. I have a pretty solid skincare routine (and have since my Clinique days), but i’ve noticed subtle changes with my body – especially my skin as I get younger looking.

Pre and POST (well intermission) COVID i’ve been neglecting self care. For my birthday this year, I focused solely on that and had the opportunity to get a facial from Selena, owner of the new Thrive Skin Studio in Savannah. I’ve always been serviced by great estheticians in the past, but I am delighted that a renowned black esthetician has her own business in Savannah.

As I mentioned, my skin care routine is pretty solid and i’ll share my own process tomorrow, but if you have any questions or concerns, check out my facial at Thrive.

Questions and Answers in the video:

  1. Hot and cold water on skin
  2. Hyperpigmentation on black/brown/melanated skin
  3. MASKNE – Covid Acne from mandatory masks
  4. Retinol and advanced products
  5. A full routine with product and chemical suggestions

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