Your New Favorite Everyday and Bridal Foundation

Living in South Georgia in July and August comes with a plethora of problems that reside mostly around – HEAT! It’s a big challenge to find a foundation that can withstand the heat, but also one that works well with oily, melanated skin. I have quite a few foundations I actually like, but for the first time – I think we have a winner that checks all of these boxes. And, it’s black owned.

Meet UOMA Beauty.

Not necessarily new to me, maybe to you, is UOMA. Pulled from their site –

UOMA – pronounced OMA (uh-mah) means beautiful and we believe that beauty starts the moment you decide to be yourself. We exist to re-write the rules of inclusivity and diversity to create a world of beauty that truly is for all of us.

UOMA Beauty is the most inclusive black-owned beauty brand. Founded by Nigerian born, LA & London based former beauty executive Sharon Chuter, the UOMA Beauty range is rebellious, innovative and created for all.

The Review

I purchased my foundation and concealer from Ulta during the pandemic, so I could not properly shade match myself. I literally just picked the shades I thought would look best. This was after I tried Makeup Forever at Sephora – which was a fail. Again, Southern Heat is other worldly when you’re oily.

I purchased the Say What foundation in T1W – a warm undertone. I will admit, I thought I grabbed the wrong shade – it was like a red clay color 😳. However, as (1) I blended and (2) added the Say What concealer, it was absolutely F L A W L E S S . I’m not sure what’s in it that makes it melt into your skin tone, but GOIRL.

The Finish

Here are pics on various days and looks with both the foundation and concealer. Flawless right? I will definitely say that having a proper skincare routine will definitely help with a flawless application and appearance.

From riding my bike to selfies in the yard to actual full work – model makeup in 100 degree heat for 4 HOURS – I did not get oily, sweaty or had fading issues.

What do you think??? Definitely let me know if you try it!

And if you don’t know – CEO and Owner, Sharon Chuter started Pull Up for Change over on Instagram to hold corporations, companies and influencers responsible when it comes to real allyship for Black People. Give the account a follow and make some noise!

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