Let’s talk about Race, shall we?!

That girl 2020 really pulled a 1968 on us didn’t she?! I’m really thankful, because while vile and ugly – things needed to be addressed. I’ll admit, i’ve been very vocal about my annoyance that we’ve been made to think these problems never existed and/or just vanished – when we’ve been vocal . . . and peacefully protesting – everyday.

But what does this have to do with fashion?

I’ll tell you everything here – well not everything, just my thoughts on a localized level. I partnered with WSAV and brought in a few friends and allies to share our thoughts and struggles and how we can keep progressing and being inclusive.

You can read the entire piece here.

And more importantly – SHOP, SUPPORT AND BOOK WITH MY BUSINESS MAMAS!!!! These are my business acquaintances and friends – we support, book and pay each other. I’ve seen their transformations, grinds and successes and am always glad to support and include them and others when I can.

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The Edition Shop – Women’s Apparel

Ivory + Beau – Bridal Shop and Florist

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