Styling Blazers for Fall

Warm days and cool nights requires a functional wardrobe that can take you from day to night and from work to play. Here are a few styles for one of Fall’s staples: The Blazer.

I’ll be styling blazers all fall, but if you are in a warm climate still, here’s some outfit inspiration that just takes some finessing depending on temperature, if you’re at work or headed out.

Lunch with Friends

Pair your blazer with some shorts or biker shorts to keep your look fresh and fun.

Date Night

Keep your look sexy and tempting by ditching your bra. Be sure to wear pasties or just some tape to keep your blazer pasted down. When it does get chilly, pair with a blouse and leave your blazer open, fitted jeans and your heels.

Casual Work Day

The easiest way to pair your blazer this fall is wearing it with fall toned tops and jeans. Best things about this look is you can dress it up or down. Add a new belt, deck your neckline, or the many different shoe options – flats, heels or sneakers.

My Blazer came from Target. This is a new item in store (as of September 2020), so check your local stores if it’s not available online in your size. Or i’ve got some options below!

Less than $50 at OLD NAVY

More formal and frayed at EXPRESS

Double Breasted by WAYF at BLOOMINGDALES

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