Floral Dress |with| Cut-Outs

Here’s the thing. . .

I’ve turned into a dress gal. And I didn’t mean for it to happen, but here we are. I’ve also gotten into a habit of wearing my dresses (suits – anything) without heels these days. And I love it!

In February, I had an emergency surgery that left me with a scar on my side. So, when I ordered this dress – I completely forgot about it. The dress actually made me feel really comfortable with my scar. And, even in the midst of a Pamela, I’ve enjoyed dressing up and just getting pretty around the house or somewhere safe with my friends.

If you are planning on brunching or getting dolled up, here are a few of my favorite dresses currently in my cart(s) similar to this dress with cut-outs.

Make sure you check out these great Doc Martens and Doc Dupes!

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