Sephora Sale 2021 – My Faves

Spring is in full swing – so that means a spring beauty routine (with plenty of SPF) and new spring makeup! Here are some of my favorite products I’ve purchased and repurchased over again at Sephora that keeps my skin clean and bright!

ACT FAST: The Sephora sale is over on April 19, 2021!

My absolute go to skin care products now (and currently using):

Click the photo to shop all of my favorites.

These items alone have either transformed and/or balanced my skin. I have acne prone and oily skin when i’m not dehydrated (but that’s not of your business). If I had to continuously repurchase ONE thing, it would be the FRESH Lotus Cream (as a night moisturizer) and the Sunday Riley Good Genes for all of my dark marks.

Please read the labels carefully and advise with an esthetician. In addition to facials, I bring all of my products to my esthetician for review if it’s good for MY routine and my skin goals.

I also included on the photo link above items not pictured, but I have purchased or currently shopping NEOW! I am definitely keeping serums, Vitamin C and a good concealer and blush on deck this spring for a lightweight, luxurious makeup look. Happy shopping and grab some SPF!

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