Winter 2019 Trend – Monochromatic Fashion

Want to know the secret to a polished and pulled together look? It may just be as simple as dressing in all the same color... or like colors. It's called the tonal dressing and it's pretty popular right now in fashion. Despite popularity... it's a little hard for those of us who LOVE color and prints BUT here as some easy tips to help you pull it off - because if I can, like this run on sentence, so can you!

Winter 2019 Lippies

Makeup is a huge part of personal style, has been for millenia. Seasons tend to have tonal and specific colors, but as fashion trends have been bold despite the season, so has makeup trends. Here are some #liptrends in fashion and all affordable AND with UNEDITED pictures because WE DON'T NEED TO BE OVER EDITED!

How to wear Animal πŸ… Print

Autumn -rich neutrals, jewel tones and animal print! Actually, you can print it up year round, because it's a classic. If you don’t want look extra just rock one animal print item, keep it toned down, and pair it with more casual pieces to make it less. . . loud. Or if you're extra like me, try it head to toe. Here are a few styles i've styled my animal print this year.