Natural Hair Twistout Styles

I always have a hard time styling my hair for special events.  It’s super easy to just go to the salon and get it styled or even blown out for super easy manageability, but what if you’re on a budget or just don’t have time to go to the salon?  The easiest and my GO TO style is a TWIST-OUT.  I’ll twist my hair a few days ahead of time if I know my hair needs to be on and popping’ or quite honestly if I know i’m not going to wake-up and do my hair. Which is daily. 😜

I’ll either flat twist my hair or loose twists. Depending on what time i’m starting dictates the evenness of my strands (look, i’ve a lot of hair, they’re never even).  I did loose twist about a week in advance and pinned them into a bun throughout the week and unraveled them for an event.

First Step: Twists

Now we’re here: Unraveled.


What you need:

Creme of Nature Products

Bobby Pins