Her Story

Finding Success and Happiness

I’m good at a lot of things across multiple fields and I enjoy learning about almost anything….renovation, real estate, marketing and public relations, gift wrapping, crafts, hair, makeup, writing and a lot of behind the scenes and admin type work…. But, just because I was and am good at so many things doesn’t mean that’s where my talent lies.

Transparency Moment

In my last year of my twenties, I’ve been really trying to make the best of it. Primarily by honing in on my passion and purpose because like many of us, I’ve wondered aimlessly through my twenties, trying to shoot my shot, being lost and confused….and that same repetitive cycle. Suuuuure, that’s what “they” say your twenties are for, but I mean honestly, can I cut the fluff for $2,000 Alex?  (Seriously, I know it was all meant for this season i’m in right now!) To ME, it seemed like I had more losses than gains…until I decided to change my perspective and direction at 28.  I’ve mentioned before how I landed the job I thought I really wanted and HATED IT and ended up in a dwarfed state of conformity and stagnation, for yearsTHAT in itself was a direct contradiction to who I was as I person and I was miserable because of it.  I wouldn’t find the cure to being miserable and abusing my life until I decided to listen, obey and follow my purpose.

If you’ve been following my blog Phenomenl Woman, you’ll notice that i’ve gone through a branding and site identity change.  I started out writing to release my feelings, share my story, to be transparent with you and share money saving tips by thrifting and the coordinating “OOTD’s”.  You see, what had happened was…. it morphed evolved into a business that I had no intentions of (because I came from corporate life).  It wasn’t until (after years of hearing it) a mentor and super phenomenal woman saw in me that I was searching and miserable and that I didn’t like my job. She really pushed my inners to figure out and pursue my passion.  In addition, every time I wore something thrifted and stylish, she’d say things like “I should be shopping for other women, that’s my gift/talent”Some strange way, destiny would align itself and give me the time needed to focus and listen, because I wasn’t. Afraid (and without a choice), I did.  I’ve been personal shopping and styling clients for several months now…and I love it.  I’d been doing it for free for YEARS, unknowingly and unconsciously sowing into my purpose.  But you see, it’s more than that for me.

Until a solid 22, I lacked a lot of confidence and was very timid and because of personal experiences and trauma, I had a really difficult time receiving love (love, compliments, hugs…anything). Styling someone for me is reinventing and renovating.  I can inject love and confidence in areas that people lack.  I love it, it stretches me and it validates me.  Sometimes and oftentimes, others can identify our gift in us, especially if we’re blind to it.  She wasn’t the first or the last; there have been countless angels attempting to get me on my path for years, but I had to re-align my thought process, change my definition of success, uncover my own potential (and believe it) and what others would think of me…especially leaving not one, but two super legit jobs.

Spiritual and Secular Success

I’d been praying and praying (and crying, begging, weeping) about something that was innate from the beginning, but it had to be matured and harvested.  Not only that, I had a mentality of “well, God should just make it happen for me” and that’s obviously not the type Teacher He is.  I wanted both types of successes– spiritual and secular, but I didn’t know how to obtain both without one suffering.  By obedience, sacrifice and SERVING (parents, ministry, job, nieces, friends, etc.), things began to fall in place.  This year alone, by reclaiming my time and following the instructions to my plan I figured out the first few steps in obtaining both types of success.  I had to “do it afraid” and without knowing every step of the way.  I had to rely on my talent, previous skills and trust that my plan would work for me.  I had to get disciplined and serious about what I wanted to do because someone is waiting on me to transform their life.  I had to not negotiate with fear and most certainly unconcern myself with others thoughts of my decisions, lifestyle choices and sacrifices.  

All of these things i’d been grappling with were coincidently for such a time as this and covered in the the new book, The Hollywood Commandments by Devon Franklin.  This book outlines his journey as a person of faith with wild success in one of the most tumultuous career communities: Hollywood.  The principles outlined are practical and realistic, yet they are based in moral and spiritual principles that’ll easily fit into whatever your career path is.

I’ve read the book and i’ve got a several to giveaway because I KNOW it’s going to help you get serious and disciplined.  Here are the instructions to enter into the giveaway:

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Check this out while you’re here:

I got Devon Franklin and Meagan Good believing in God’s plan for my life.  I most certainly am believing in yours too!!!!

I feel like we say “oh I can’t believe time is passing by so fast” so often, it seems like we acknowledge the passing of time all the time.  I remember being younger and couldn’t wait to grow up with my grown up plans and for life to be like….. S I K E! Thanks, Life. Earlier this summer, Auntie Maxine, Congresswoman Maxine Waters coined a political statement forever in our urban hearts, “Reclaiming My Time”; it was all the rage.  However, (and no shade, because I love Auntie) I’ve literally been saying that to myself for months.  Due to the shenanigans of the internet, it seems like everyone is jacking it, when in reality, that’s just the season we’re in: reclaiming our time.