The Best Skincare Routine

While I thoroughly enjoy pamper sessions and a good facial, having an at home skincare routine is VITAL for clear(er) skin. I've had no skin problems, drastic skin problems, no skin care routine and an inconsistent skin care routine. Here's a bit of my skin history and how I maintain clear, clean skin.

Skincare + Thrive Skin Studio Review

Pre and POST (well intermission) COVID i've been neglecting self care. For my birthday this year, I focused solely on that and had the opportunity to get a facial from Selena, owner of the new Thrive Skin Studio in Savannah. I've always been serviced by great estheticians in the past, but I am delighted that a renowned black esthetician has her own business in Savannah.

Getting Married during Difficult Times

I have quite a few friends getting married this year (and i'm in the wedding) or personally assisting with planning of the wedding or styling the bridal party. I absolutely hate that it seems like circumstances completely outside of our control have put a knot . . . in the knot, BUT, i've come to be one for lemonade instead of throwing away the lemon. Here's a new guide/series that I hope will INSPIRE and alleviate some stress!

Self Care and Personal Development: The Best Podcasts and Books to Listen To NOW

I don't know about you, but i'm kind of over binging on television series and movies. Not because I don't have the time, but if anything, those programs aren't going anywhere and I'd rather use my free time focusing on building and bettering myself for now and after the Pandemic is over. . . or period. Sis definitely one for the occasional shenanigans, but I've curated a list of podcasts and books from my collection and some dope friends' (entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers and doctors - yes, my friends are dope) to feed your mind and spirit during these uncertain times to keep you motivated and empowered - for now and later.