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Bold + Colorful Business

I’ve seen and participated in traditional business dress: black/dark blue/grey suit with a collar shirt or button down. Safe + Traditional =BORING.  Now, don’t get me wrong, these are STYLE BASICS/STAPLES and you need them for your interview, new job or day in court.  HOWEVER, you can be very chic, modern, classic, comfortable and a standout in a bright suit, when done correctly.  Stick with a basic color: blue, but maybe a royal blue. If you wear a suit, IT NEEDS TO FIT but NOT BE TIGHT. Also, trade in the button down for a blouse, but the pattern doesn’t have to be to busy.  If it is, opt for minimal accessories.

What i’ve done is taken this bright suit and paired it with a blouse that had a print with blue in it. It’s not too busy.  To break up some of the same colors, I added a necklace with a pop of color and grey heels.