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Beach Lookbook

I’m so grateful for South Georgia.  It’s so beautiful…the scenery of the swamps and wetlands, continuous warm weather most of the year and the backyard beaches for our scorching hot summers!  Needless to say growing up so close to water and having a water element personality, my spirit animal is probably a sea turtle. I can operate on land, water and out live many sea animals because i’m a survivalist. (Duuuude)

One wouldn’t know how uncomfortable being in a swimsuit was for me.  I was very self conscious and timid, not to mention I had scoliosis.  I really had to grow to appreciate my body and be more confident in it.  With that, I learned to cover up for my comfort level. Check out a few styles of bathing suits, bikinis and different ways to cover up for your comfort level.

*Note: the glow on my skin was coupled with my 100 SPF Neutrogena Sunscreen Spray and my Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmer Body Oil.

One pieces give a lot of security and covers up just the right amount of skin with a baer back.  I added some beach accessories: a neck scarf I tied around my head and $4 earrings and bag from Target.

Cover Up: Thrifted Shorts

Bathing Suit: The Future on Forsyth, Local Vintage/Thrift/Consignment $18 (was new)

A must Read: The 5 Love Languages (it will change your life and perspective on all of your relationships)

I love bikinis. Actually that one piece is my only one :).  This crocheted top and bottom covers up just a smidge more skin that the average bikini. If you’re uncomfortable with having your bottom completely out, simply shift the top to your bottom!

Cover Up: A sheer top, Goodwill $4.98

Bikini: Forever 21, $20

This bikini offers a lot, as you can tell.  It came from Victorias Secret for….$10….come through OUT-LET store!  I don’t want my cupcake completely out, so I opted for a longer cover up.  If you don’t have a large breast cup size, opt for a wire, firmer bra with some push up.

Cover Up: Gianni Bini, Dillard, $14 (clearance)

Earring: Goodwill

There are so many bathing suits and cover up options.  We can add a flair to our suits by adding simple and unconventional accessories (and yes, light makeup too). Some of us are more conservative than others and that’s okay!  Remember, to lather up on sunscreen. And a little glow.


Be Phenomenl


Glow: My Favorite Highlighters

Full fledge into summmmaaaa…. for the 100 degree days tell me so.  I’m a huge fan of the glow.  I don’t just highlight…I paint a disco ball on my face.  I actually feel my makeup is undone without a highlight.  What’s also good?  You don’t have to limit a highlighter to a highlighter!  Here are my favorites and some of them aren’t technically “highlights” that you don’t have to break the bank for!


Bold + Sheer + Long Gown

A good…great….beautiful dress can be transformative. Especially to your mood and confidence.  I felt so beautiful in it.  The movement.  The subtle sexiness. And how if I wanted, which I did, I could act extra all day and twirl.  Bold dresses with standout patterns and prints do not need a ton of accessories.

Shift Dress + Simple Accessories

I love fitted dresses, but it’s good to be roomy and comfortable in a dress that isn’t swallowing me or makes me feel like Spongebob.  Enter a shift dress!  They flow with your movements and natural body lines. They can be be worn casually or dressed up with simple accessories like I did here.