Best shopping experience of my *life*. I always hated shopping and avoided it as much as possible. Charisse assessed my style, previewed the stores, and in just under two hours, I had the best wardrobe my closet has ever seen. I feel beautiful. I feel phenomenal. Without Charisse with me every step of the way, … Continue reading Melissa


I worked with Charisse Shontai for several years and she quickly gained the reputation of best dressed and most stylish among our office of women. I have consistently been impressed with her ability to shop(and thrift shop at that) and am so excited to see her pursuing her passion. If you’re struggling with your style … Continue reading Kathleen


This girl here. She has an eye for color, a special talent for mixing and matching and proper fit. And shopping and finding and buying too! But what is especially unique is that she can do so buying quality brands from consignment shops and make anyone look like a million dollars! If you are needing … Continue reading Brynn


5 STARS! I'm a new momma and got stuck in a fashion rut, I texted her about shopping with me and we went the next week. I have anxiety about shopping: still carrying my baby weight, I'm short and very picky! Not only was she patient with me but we spoke the same style language. … Continue reading Tiffany