It’s been a pleasure getting to know Charisse and watch her grow her business. We have enjoyed her coming to visit my Fashion classes at Savannah Arts Academy and sharing her success story with aspiring designers/ stylists. She’s been a bright light to my students and continues to inspire and mentor !

Meghan, Savannah Arts Academy

I love Charisse’s personality when presenting on the subject of dressing for success and the style of the professional in regards to how it can be changed up for after-hours. Her expertise in the field of pattern, color and texture is what sets her apart. She is fun-loving and does a great job of tracking her engagements to show her credibility. She also is a great panelist.

Jordan, Career Services @ SSU

I had a blast changing my look with Charisse Styles! Not only do I not have the eye for Fashion, but I don’t have the time to shop! Charisse was very professional and fun! She gave me confidence and courage to wear what I never thought I’d look good in! She is now on my speed dial. I definitely recommend her for your fashion choices!


I had a terrific experience with Charisse. She completely revamped my style and I am feeling more confident than ever before. Thank you so much!


I highly recommend the fabulous and talented Charisse to style you for your next event. She styled my husband and I for a fun Valentine Day session and we absolutely loved it. Couldn’t have asked for a better person to bring my vision to life. Highly recommended for your styling needs.

The Virgil’s

I worked on set with Charisse for a branding shoot with Parker’s Convenience Stores. Charisse perfectly outfitted our talent and paid careful attention to every detail, no matter how small. With Charisse’s help, I could focus on lighting and composition while she took on the task of making sure that every garment, shoe, and accessory was perfectly portrayed. Can’t wait to work with Charisse again! She is professional, focused, and highly detail oriented.

Jillian, Stafford Media Group

Working with Charisse is such a delight! She is professional, yet easy going, and knows how to meet deadlines while still being flexible. She’s also a natural in front of the camera and fun to be around on set! I would highly recommend her for any styling and modeling needs.

-Britt Scott, Art Director at Savannah magazine

Britt, Savannah Magazine

We’re glad to have built a partnership with Charisse. She’s dedicated, thorough and comes with many brilliant ideas. The styling events she helped us put together were both engaging and educational. Charisse understands our organization and has helped us share our mission with many in our community. We look forward to working with her again in the future.

Goodwill Industries

This was my review for Charisse Styles who is 100% responsible for my new wardrobe that you’ll be seeing from now on because she basically taught me how to dress myself in the span of 2 hours on Saturday. If you’re a professional woman in Georgia, hire her.

I have never known how to shop nor dress myself, and I’ve gained and lost weight over the past few years, too. So I basically ended up with a wardrobe that was workable, but that I hated. I work in academia and went from being a grad student who wore jeans and t-shirts to trying to put together professional outfits with no fashion sense and a limited budget. I’m a tenured professor now but am sometimes perceived as young and needed help finding clothes to convey my status and education.

Charisse was a God-send. I didn’t know you could put a belt on a dress that hangs off you and make it instantly better. I didn’t know that you could get the feeling of hiding in a cardigan but look stylish by getting a jacket with structure. I didn’t know how to do any of this affordably either. So I am incredibly grateful that I found a local stylist who doesn’t charge anywhere near what her time is worth. So I not only recommend you hire her, but I recommend tipping her as well.

We emailed about my professional goals, my sizes and measurements, and I told her my clothes budget. She went shopping for me and put clothes on hold at a bunch of stores at Tanger in Pooler. I met her and tried on clothes for about 1.5 hours, got a completely new wardrobe, and then she came back to my house and showed me how I could put all the pieces together along with what I already own.

She took pictures so I’d have a reference catalog too, which has been so helpful. I am privileged that I could afford this at a time that was so necessary for a new phase in my career as I have stepped into an interim administrative position. But I also know Charisse can work with any budget. She finds deals out of nowhere and has all the coupons. I made an investment in a wardrobe overhaul, but she works with what you already have and can seriously work with whatever you want to spend on clothes. When you hire her, you’re paying not only for her vast knowledge of fashion, but also her background in logistics.

Last Saturday was the most efficient and enjoyable shopping trip I have ever had. Charisse empowers women to feel comfortable and confident in their clothes and I absolutely cannot recommend her highly enough. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Charisse – you are a rock star! Thanks for taking over my closet, organizing my outfits, helping me get ready for my board meetings and putting together so many great travel pieces. Please come back and get me organized for fall!