Beach Lookbook

I’m so grateful for South Georgia. ย It’s so beautiful…the scenery of the swamps and wetlands, continuous warm weather most of the year and the backyard beaches for our scorching hot summers! ย Needless to say growing up so close to water and having a water element personality, my spirit animal is probably a sea turtle. I can operate on land, water and out live many sea animals because i’m a survivalist. (Duuuude)

One wouldn’t know how uncomfortable being in a swimsuit was for me. ย I was very self conscious and timid, not to mention I had scoliosis. ย I really had to grow to appreciate my body and be more confident in it. ย With that, I learned to cover up for my comfort level. Check out a few styles of bathing suits, bikinis and different ways to cover up for your comfort level.

*Note: the glow on my skin was coupled with my 100 SPF Neutrogena Sunscreen Spray and my Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmer Body Oil.

One pieces give a lot of security and covers up just the right amount of skin with a baer back. ย I added some beach accessories: a neck scarf I tied around my head and $4 earrings and bag from Target.

Cover Up: Thrifted Shorts

Bathing Suit: The Future on Forsyth, Local Vintage/Thrift/Consignment $18 (was new)

A must Read: The 5 Love Languages (it will change your life and perspective on all of your relationships)

I love bikinis. Actually that one piece is my only one :). ย This crocheted top and bottom covers up just a smidge more skin that the average bikini. If you’re uncomfortable with having your bottom completely out, simply shift the top to your bottom!

Cover Up: A sheer top, Goodwill $4.98

Bikini: Forever 21, $20

This bikini offers a lot, as you can tell. ย It came from Victorias Secret for….$10….come through OUT-LET store! ย I don’t want my cupcake completely out, so I opted for a longer cover up. ย If you don’t have a large breast cup size, opt for a wire, firmer bra with some push up.

Cover Up: Gianni Bini, Dillard, $14 (clearance)

Earring: Goodwill

There are so many bathing suits and cover up options. ย We can add a flair to our suits by adding simple and unconventional accessories (and yes, light makeup too). Some of us are more conservative than others and that’s okay! ย Remember, to lather up on sunscreen. And a little glow.


Be Phenomenl


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