Back to School Look

By no definition…and I mean none, was a the cool, popular, stylish or “in” in school. Wait, do kids still say “in” nowadays?  I was actually far from it. I hated cheerleaders (lol), was still skinny and awkward and I was smart.  I didn’t put much time into fashion options because my parents brought most of my clothing. Not to mention, trends and what could be worn were very different than kids today.

My go to was a t-shirt (from a bank, organization…anywhere that had a shirt), jeans and birkenstocks.  Well, fake ones (HA).  Oh my god, they smelled horrible too.  Not much has changed about my core personality and I still look comfort, but now I have style.  My parents wouldn’t allow me to wear some most things girls wear today, but if I where in high school or college, this would definitely be my style.

Comfortable. Cute. Effort.


Cell phones were for the elite…most of us had to borrow them or use the office phone LOL.



Light makeup…groomed brows.  I would’ve definitely wore this lipstick.


Seen on Me:

Blouse: H&M, $5 | MC Hammer Capris $13, TJ Maxx | Adidas, $15 (clearance at outlet) | Bracelet, $4 Thrift Store


Be Phenomenl


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