Last weeks…

On “last weeks”, I’ll (try my best at 6:00 am) capture some of my best and favorite looks of the week that I wore to work, appointments or whatever I have going on.

So, last week I started a new ‘career’ position… which is great for both of us because it’ll hold me even more accountable to be fly….and on a budget for the working woman. And yes, I get beat my face on the daily 🙂

FYI: the office environment is business casual.

I definitely on a normal day (as my other blog posts) love bold colors and prints.  Due to the professional environment…I try to keep it toned down with solids and neutral makeup, but I still like my personality to shine through.

Top– Free People (Macy’s last call)
Bottoms– The Limited (before closing)IMG_2699IMG_2703
Top– Ann Taylor ($4.88)
Bottoms– Gap | Goodwill (and necklace…and belt)



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