Blowout Styles

Summer is not the time for a blowout in torrential humidity; the kind of humidity that only lives and breathes in Savannah, Georgia. BUT, I got one…well, technically for a photoshoot. Since I had my hair done, I did all that I could to preserve my blowout in various styles. Here’s a video on a few of those styles.  In between and on rainy days, this hair was in a pony or a bun which allowed me to stretch my hair for 3 weeks!

I did not add any heat to my hair after the initial blowout. The only products I used are the 1-2 that’s in the video (adding more products will make your hair more heavy and produce oils quicker…which makes you hair dirty…fast).

I did get more clever as towards to end with more twisted styles, but we’ll save that for next time! Let me know what you want to see next!

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