My Fashion Show – Best Spring Trends of the Runway

A few weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to style and host the Dillard’s Fashion Show, five times to be exact (and over 100 styled looks) at the Southern Women’s Show. I had a blast putting together the show, finding models – who are everyday women, teachers, bloggers, business owners – all sizes, ethnicities and heights! The only challenge was . . . falling off the stage. We’re not gonna talk about it.

I really focused on keeping everyone comfortable, by pushing them out of their comfort zones. Here are some of my favorite looks and trends from the Fashion Show:

  • Neons
  • Solids and basics (great for a capsule collection #2)
  • Color of the Year – Classic Blue
  • A Touch of 70’s (deep prints head to toe)

The ‘it’ factor for rocking any look, is confidence.

While I rocked the mic backstage, it was critical that models exemplified this statement and made it seem real, and it was amazing to witness. One of the main reasons I love what I do is the impact that I can have on someone – in this case, just tossing a dress in a changing room (disrupting the scheduled look) and letting a woman know – “You can rock this! Twirl, have fun and smile and you’ve already won!”

What I also love, is dressing women of all sizes, heights and figures! Again, confidence is key, but also, shine your light on your favorite features!

Doesn’t matter your size, play with proportions and cuts on your clothing (center bottom). If you aren’t comfortable in jeans, dresses are much more forgiving and liberating. Plenty of examples below!

If you’re pear shaped with full hips and thighs, try an A-lined dress (#5, green center). The dress is cinched at the waist and flares out over the butt!

Notice on the bottom row, first and last – these two models are over a foot in height difference but rocking the same look. The right model simply tucked in the top and raised the skirt to seem hi-waisted. Plus, the pleats – while trendy, looks good on every shape.

I want to thank all of my assistants and models for their time and participation! It was so much fun! Which looks are your fave? Sound off below!

Thanks to Tramayne at for the images!

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