The Best Skincare Routine

While I thoroughly enjoy pamper sessions and a good facial, having an at home skincare routine is VITAL for clear(er) skin. I’ve had no skin problems, drastic skin problems, no skin care routine and an inconsistent skin care routine. Here’s a bit of my skin history and how I maintain clear, clean skin.

Pre age 25, i’ve always had really clear skin, I actually never really wore makeup, except fot special occasions. After my first corporate job, which was insanely stressful plus adjusting to life in a new city, I became filled with so much stress and anxiety – this is when I first started to battle with adult cystic acne. I would say that I wish I had pictures to show you, but 1) eh, no. I was so self conscious, I never left the house without anything on my face (which was when I started to get really involved with makeup) 2) because of that, I never took pictures to document.

At one point, it was so bad the dermatologist wanted to put me on Accutane, but if you know what Accutane does to the female body, you’ll know why I opted out. Then from that point on, I became a product junkie. I even went as far as to get a job at Clinique.

The key to my relief of CYSTIC acne was stress control and diet. At the time, I cut out all dairy and immediately noticed a difference, so much so that I limit my dairy intake to this day. Also, stress control, for me is an active way for me to avoid additional breakouts. Now, I periodically have hormonal breakouts.

Here are the products that I use daily to maintain clear skin (for the WHY, check out this video). These are all constant repurchases for me. I highly suggest purchasing sample or travel sized before investing in any of these products that are over $30!!!!! For TULA, definitely try their mini kits; the same for any other luxury brand below.

*Remember, skincare is personal. Find products that suite your skin AND BUDGET!*

Cleanser (AM/PM):

(if I am wearing makeup, I TRIPLE cleanse because I am eliminating makeup wipes)

TULA Probiotics and Superfoods Cleanser

Others I like: Dermalogica


(be sure to check out my facial with Selena, she explains why you need a chemical exfoliant BUT NOT EVERY DAY):

Witch Hazel |AM/PM (I use Thayers and spray several times a day because it’s convenient)

TULA Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Toner | PM, chemical exfoliant

Fresh Beauty Rose Toner | AM/PM, very gentle

Glo Glycolic Toner Pads | PM, chemical exfoliant

Serums and Moisturizers

I purchase all of these in travel size and KITS because they are more affordable for me.

Ole Henriksen Vitaman C

Sunday Riley (specifically for Good Genes)

Dermalogica Active Moist

Catch my Instagram for the BTS of the products!!!!

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